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What Causes a Dysfunctional Cranial-Sacral (CS) System?

Posted on December 1, 2014 at 7:55 PM

What Causes a Dysfunctional Cranial-Sacral (CS) System?


Dysfunction may occur with head, neck, back, or more global somatic trauma, leaving scar tissue and/or traumatic tissue memory. Emotional shock and trauma may also contribute to, or be contained within, these events. This may restrict the CS system's ability to respond freely to its inherent rhythm. Damage can also be caused by a traumatic head injuries (concussions), traumatic birth, extensive dental work, a bite imbalance, or chronic bruxing.


The CS system can be released through specific gentle techniques which are directed at restricted areas, using diagnostic methods akin to "motion palpation" concepts applied to CS dysfunction. Because the body is designed to support a normal functioning CS system, it tends to remain movable once it has been "released." Without this help, not only is the body often unable to resolve these restrictions, it adapts to abnormal movement potentially leading to neurological, vascular, and/or biomechanical and organic complications.


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